The Evewell

A life-enhancing approach to fertility & gynaecological health.

The fertility sector has become saturated with clinics all claiming to offer the best success rates, most effective treatments and competitive pricing. Despite its delicate nature, fertility is a big money-making industry where scepticism and optimism go hand in hand.

We were approached by a business who wanted to revolutionise this sector - providing a holistic approach for fertility and gynaecological care. The ambition was to create a space that felt like a sanctuary, something that was worlds away from the cold, clinical corridors more typically associated with medical facilities.

In a sector that is dominated by pictures of bright, bouncing babies and beaming parents, we wanted to take a more sensitive approach by removing the babies from the picture - putting women's health at the centre of the brand.

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We undertook a detailed research and strategy planning phase to help define what would make The Evewell unique. It became clear when defining the audiences that the brand must appeal not only to women but their partners and loved ones alike.

After speaking with a number of stakeholders, both internally and externally, we shaped a brand that is the embodiment of trust, reassurance and clinical excellence. Every aspect of it was designed with sensitivity and care - from the choice of colours and typefaces through to the creation of bespoke brand imagery. We helped devise The Evewell name - reflecting a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of women of all ages.

We created a suite of ownable brand imagery to be used across all touchpoints, with a tiered approach to photography that celebrates the very best of The Evewell. Having planned all aspects of photoshoot, we spent two days at The Evewell with leading lifestyle photographer Igor Emmerich, capturing elegant and confident portraits of The Evewell team that portrayed them in an approachable and friendly way. We also captured the exquisite and luxurious interiors, showcasing the attention to detail that makes patients feel at home.

Using our visual stimulus from the research phase, we developed interior moodboards which were further developed by Mia Karlsson interiors designers. Soft, plush furniture which reflected the brand's colour palette were paired with contemporary artworks and marble finishes - creating a space that is tranquil, calm and reassuring. It was this innovation in medical interiors that transformed this space into something so groundbreaking in the sector.

In applying the brand across a number of touchpoints, we also designed and built The Evewell website, which included in-depth research to user journeys for both the fertility and gynaecological offerings. To aid navigation, search and discovery, we used analytics tools to create pages and content that reflected the keywords and questions that people typically searched for in relation to these topics.

From the visual identity to the interior experience, the final brand provides a welcoming presence – here for every woman, and their loved ones, in the moments that matter throughout their lives.

Since launching in October 2018, The Evewell has been recognised for its medical excellence and groundbreaking approach. Receiving a lot of positive interest from new patients and throughout social groups, The Evewell has hosted multiple open days due to demand and has already achieved successful results from its treatments.

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