What A Year That Was!

Starting a year long placement at We Launch was incredibly daunting. I think starting a new job anywhere can be incredibly scary, but it’s fair to say my time here did not go how I had originally anticipated.

I had a great introduction to the team with the We Launch team day out being in my first week – which definitely helped with me getting to know the team. It also unfortunately led to my nickname ‘Crabby’ – that’ll teach me for telling stories of childhood adventures! However, from day one, the team have been incredibly welcoming and really put my initial nerves at ease.

It is evident from my first few days that I had A LOT to learn. Considering when I started I had no previous experience within the “real working world” everyone was incredibly patient with me and took their time out to help me with any questions or queries I had, despite how silly they may be. Pantone, CMYK and EOP might as well of been another language to me but over the year I have managed to gain a thorough understanding of not only the vast amount of terminology but what actually goes on behind the scenes to produce the amazing work that they do.

I have learnt ten times more than I had originally thought I would. Going into a placement, a lot of people would immediately think that tea making duties would be your main task of the day. However, I was pushed right into the deep end interacting with clients, attending meetings, helping to organise the production of a variety of assets for events and photoshoots,  which I was then lucky enough to attend and assist on.

Stu and Rachel have definitely allowed me to take part in every possible opportunity and encouraged me to take part in tasks that I would have previously been apprehensive to be involved with, in fear of doing something wrong. The whole experience has been incredibly beneficial and has certainly helped with my confidence as everyone encourages you to not be afraid to make mistakes.

So, I would like to say a huge thank you to every member of the amazing We Launch team and all of our clients who have had to put up with me throughout the past year as you have all paid a massive impact on my future. I have seriously loved every minute of my time in the studio and really appreciate being taken on!


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