Times are a changing

Leicester City have seemingly pulled off the impossible in becoming English Premier League champions this season.

At the start of the season, the bookies offered odds 10 times more generous that the Loch Ness Monster would be discovered. And it was more than twice as likely that Kim Kardashian would become US president or that Elvis would turn up alive and well. And that’s what makes the Foxes achievement so special – they’ve created fact from the most unlikely of fiction.

We’ve read a lot about the parallels that business can draw with this fantastic win – and in particular how learning from Claudio Ranieri’s great leadership can make winners of us all. Whether by design or good fortune, his qualities transformed losers into heroes – rewriting the rule book to prove once and for all that money, size and a big name doesn’t count for everything. Similar to how the Oakland A’s baseball team overcame lack of big budgets and big name players using statistics to assemble an all-star team.

To us, Leicester’s recipe for success this season is made up of ten ingredients – each being a vital component that works together to create something special.

Great leadership spots the talent, mixing experience with youth, and knows how to best nurture it – harnessing everyone’s passion and skills to the absolute maximum. This fosters a real sense of teamwork and unique spirit that makes everyone totally committed to the cause. Hard work becomes second nature. Confidence builds exponentially, and as this self-belief grows – everything begins to work in harmony. What was once laboured is now delivered with speed -and when things need to adapt, the team is agile enough to seamlessly respond to different scenarios. Simple.

It’s a recipe that brands should be learning from. Conventional wisdom is not so conventional any more. You don’t have to be a big name to disrupt a market. Brands need to play to their strengths and stay ahead of the curve.

Those ten vital ingredients need to go into every brand mix. They are also why marketers and decision makers need to think outside of the traditional agency box when looking for a team to bring their brand or product to life….because its the younger, fresher, hungrier agencies that are epitomising the Leicester approach so much more than the establishment.

These are exciting, challenging times that make champions out of those that approach things differently.

It worked for Leicester, it’s working for us too.

Photo by (Soccer Bible).
Artwork by (Richard Wilson)


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