Travel & Leisure

Telling compelling, engaging stories that deliver excitement and build loyalty when time is of the highest value.

The travel and leisure industries are seeing significant transformation, fuelled by an explosion of digital channels, mobile ownership and changing consumer behaviour. With time being the most precious commodity, consumers are looking to maximise the time they have through immersive, shareable and easy to access experiences that enhance their lives – be that local classes, foreign adventures, global destinations or simply the way in which they get there.

People want to be in control of all aspects of their decision making. How they discover about new places and methods of travel has changed forever – with impartial reviews having the power to alter perceptions in an instant. This provides opportunities for organisations to engage with consumers in different ways, as they use data to understand and predict behaviour. In turn, brands are able to provide the personalised experiences that customers now respond to.

This all means that consumers have the data, collaboration and power at their fingertips to make decisions through a range of channels that are even more spontaneous, convenient and social. To build loyalty and cut through the abundance of noise, brands are discovering that cohesive, yet disruptive thinking can allow them to find solutions that create a human experience, solve an actual problem or create business opportunities. Our multi-channel expertise in this sector embraces the rise of ‘experience being everything’. Powered by design, our strategic brand building campaigns blend the physical and digital worlds – creating differentiation and growth, with the capacity to adapt to evolving consumer behaviour.


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I can’t commend We Launch highly enough. We used them for the award-winning redesign of Jetstar and The work was exceptional, the experience memorable, and the value for money was fantastic. They were amongst the first people I called at iSelect and have helped us make an enormous difference to our brand and our performance in a very short space of time. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anybody who wants excellent creative work, superb detail and outstanding value for money.

David May, Chief Marketing Officer, iSelect Ltd

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