How brands are Injecting a sense of team spirit at England 2015

With the Rugby World Cup well under way, headline sponsors including O2, DHL and Land Rover are using the sporting event to help ’emotionalise’ their brands through injecting a sense of team spirit, authenticity and unity to their campaigns. 


Land Rover homes in on their grassroots association and shared values of integrity, capability and composure with the sport, through inviting amateur clubs to get involved by using the hashtag #WeDealInReal to share their stories.


We see logistics company DHL use the Rugby World Cup to help ’emotionalise’ the brand, through emotive campaigns such as its ‘Match Ball’ promotion which invites a child from each a nation to deliver the match ball to each game, and the Scrum Share campaign, where ambassador Adam Jones asks fans to scrum with any object – like a tree to win tickets.


o2 sponsor rugby world cup 2015
Apart from changing the O2 brand to embrace the rose above the door of 377 stores in the UK to show support for the team across the country, O2 have also released a advert calling on fans to ‘Make England Stars Giants’ and #WearTheRose. Inspired by the BFG the animated film shows the players transitioning from unloved outcasts to colossuses roared on by an expectant nation.

Social media is giving brands a plethora of new opportunities as it provides the public with the ability to interact with athletes and well-known ambassadors like never before. Brands can, and should be, creating intelligent, simple and relevant campaign ideas to build excitement, brand awareness and increase sales in the run up to events. But tapping into the emotion behind that event provides audiences with an even more compelling reasons to interact.

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