We recently had the opportunity to support LUTA with their latest campaign #IamLUTA.

LUTA’s aim is to create a global hub of selfie’s taken by followers wearing LUTA clothing. With customers located all over the world they hope to capture the true reach of the sports brand.

Opium Research surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK and found that 51% of respondents had taken a selfie – which proves the phenomenon of the self-image photograph is now part of our daily lives. Social media users are becoming more and more comfortable in sharing a photo taken by themselves with the world – but does this mean we’re becoming more attention seeking?

In LUTA’s case the aim of the campaign is far from attention seeking but more to show how diverse and wide-spread their customer base is – which will promote their cause to a wider spread of people in the process. With the campaign launching this week you’ll see a handful of their ambassadors posting selfie’s to encourage more followers to contribute.

We Launch helped to create a campaign logo, pull up banners, web creative and a landing page which collates Twitter hashtags and Instagram posts.

Get involved. Take a selfie whilst wearing some LUTA sportswear and hashtag #IamLUTA – and remember that its all for a fantastic cause, because LUTA gives half its profits to sports and education projects for young people in communities affected by crime and violence.

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