Helping those who served with pride, succeed in business

Heropreneurs is the only registered charity in the UK to work exclusively to help former members of the Armed Forces, and their spouses, fulfill their potential to set up and run their own businesses. Early this year we heard about this fantastic organisation, and set out to discover more about their story.

What became immediately clear to us was that the Heropreneurs story deserved to be heard and appreciated by a much larger audience. But how the brand looked, and spoke, did not reflect the calibre nor the ambition of its offer, members, or entrepreneurs it supported.

Each year, the We Launch Ideas initiative offers £25k of creative and strategic brand support to an organisation that inspires us. In 2018 this was awarded to Heropreneurs, and we set out to define the brand and design an identity which celebrated the passion and dedication of our British Armed Forces Community looking to forge a new path in business.

Our work began by understanding and defining the essence of the organisation – learning about its history, values and what it means to people. Once we had fully immersed ourselves in this, our main focus then was to transform all of these attributes in a special way that connects with people – both emotionally and rationally.

The proposition of ‘Business Excellence Forged from Military Precision’ shaped the new visual identity that followed. The logo needed to convey a sense of gravitas and nobility – whilst the colours, typefaces and visual language that surrounded it had to evoke the brand values – Heroism, Mentorship, Experience, Entrepreneurialism. All of this was underpinned by their Not-For-Profit dedication of helping British Armed Forces veterans looking to succeed in business.

Together, the new brand is a celebration of the heroism, experience and potential of some truly astonishing people – exuding British pride.

This weekend, on Remembrance Sunday, many of us will take some time to reflect and consider the sacrifices our service men and women made for our country. As we look back to remember those who fell in service, we also look forward to support those who returned home to life after service.

On the 14th November the Heropreneurs Awards take place in London. The awards will recognise and reward the achievements of those people who spent their careers caring for this country and who, since leaving the Armed Forces, have gone on to successful careers outside the military services.

From the strategy to the brand identity, We Launch is very proud to have played a small part in the future of such an empowering organisation, which supports those who supported us all.

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