Always Be Responsive To Change

How Google’s algorithm changes might affect your business.

Recently Google updated its algorithms and now there is talk about another significant update in January 2017, which could affect how your clients and customers find you. We thought you might be interested to know a bit more about how it could impact on your SEO strategy and business.

Google has split its search index and is prioritising mobile over desktop – which means that it ranks mobile-optimised (responsive) sites more favourably when searched from a mobile device. With more searches now coming from mobile than from desktop, Google say this is to improve user experience. Simply put, if your website isn’t optimised for an iPhone, Android or tablet, you won’t receive a good ranking.

Previously, Google’s algorithm focused on searching the desktop version of website content to determine its relevance to the user, but now this will change to first looking at the mobile version of your website, desktop second. This is particularly important because not all mobile sites have the same content as its desktop equivalent. Clearly, this is even more critical to those businesses that don’t even have a mobile site.


These new changes will also affect everything from the way keywords are associated with your site (and the way in which people type certain phrases), to providing more variations of search results based on physical location. For example, if somebody is in London searching for a gym ahead of a trip to New York, their results will be different to performing the same search when they arrived in New York – because Google will be giving them more local results based on the address they were searching from. Local results (on the map in your search) are now more independent of the organic results than before.

This is good in one way. But if your results are pitting you against stronger and more digitally proficient brands, or those that have included more location-based content on their sites, then you may run the risk of not featuring where you need to be in order to get noticed.

These are just some of many algorithmic changes that Google are undertaking. They are constantly tweaking the search engine to give the most pertinent information to the user. As a business or brand owner, it is vital to be well prepared for these regular changes, to understand how they will affect your listings, and to turn them into an advantage for your brand.

70% of global traffic comes through Google with the top three organic results capturing 61% of clicks. Optimising your site and content frequently will pay dividends.

Should you have any questions or concerns about how these new algorithm changes could affect your website or business, please give us a call. We’d be happy to talk it all through with you.



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