Going social with Beauty & The Boutique

What fascinated us when we began working with Beauty & The Boutique was the extensive range of videos available on YouTube providing women with fashion and beauty tips. With over 23,000 YouTube subscribers and a channel totalling almost 2 million views, Beauty & The Boutique is a fine example of how building a strong social following will help to create a trustworthy brand that customers will keep engaging with. Bigger brands want to be part of this too. As proof of this, in recent weeks M&S and Remington UK commissioned Katie to create a series of insightful beauty videos using her vast experience as a professional make up artist: http://goo.gl/1xb6pA

With YouTube playing such a vital role in a brands marketing strategy, marketers must understand their audience – regularly creating quality, interesting content that is fresh and current, distributing it across multiple platforms. Something that Beauty & The Boutique do extremely well.

We Launch are proud to have worked with Beauty & The Boutique right from the outset. From creating the initial branding and bespoke typography, we’ve been able to consistently roll out their visual style across all channels – from website to product packaging and event collateral. As a partnership, we’ve all learnt a huge amount about how to use social media platforms effectively – and just how important they are in building awareness and loyalty amongst customers.

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