Embracing a Culture of Flexible Working

When setting up We Launch in 2010, we initially relied on a small band of seasoned freelancers to help us deliver all the brand and digital work for our clients. Their knowledge, understanding and commercial awareness was perfect for We Launch at that time as it enabled us to hit the ground running with a huge amount of experience.

But we always knew that this was a short-term fix. Audience behaviours are changing ever more rapidly, challenging businesses to stay ahead of (and on top of) these changes. In turn, the creative agencies that shape the brands for these businesses require fresh thinking and an intrinsic understanding of the current zeitgeist – and nothing cultivates this more than youth. 

However, the energy of youth requires support and direction, and so over the last six years we’ve been building a close knit team that combines experienced heads with fresh new talent. It has created an incredible mix of diverse backgrounds, alternate perspectives and shared learnings. But it’s also been vital to embed a culture that embraces flexibility.

As is widely known, London is in a housing crisisDue to the extreme financial challenges, people of all ages are having to move further out to afford a place to live. An increasing number also simply prefer to live outside of the city to enhance their quality of life. This means employers HAVE to think and act in a more flexible way to attract the best talent.

25% of the We Launch team work remotely for part of the week, or work flexible hours that allow them to achieve their desired work / life balance. It’s also been massively important to recognise the potential in re-engaging with women that might be looking at returning to work after taking time out to have a family. They have so much knowledge, experience and hunger – which is absolutely vital if embraced in ways that work for them (and provides the perfect foil to the graduates and junior creatives in our team). In the past two years alone, we have filled the significant roles of Strategy Director, Senior Project Manager, and Studio Manager in this way.

“Flexible working requires good time management, but the benefits outweigh the negatives if managed well. I benefit from the collaborative and discursive atmosphere a busy studio brings whilst also having some more personal space to work individually. Embracing a more ‘activity based working’ approach allows us to use technology to better enable more productive, creative and collaborative working.” Paul Bailey, Strategy Director

The future of We Launch will always be about adapting to change. As we grow, we evolve. As the world around us advances, we have to constantly be one step ahead of everything. Awareness and agility is key – but building a team with the best people is always going to be the most important thing. 

“Being given the freedom to work flexibly gives me a far greater job satisfaction as it allows me the balanced lifestyle I have been craving.  I am able to optimise my working hours to suit the needs of my young family who would far rather see me at the school gate than a nanny or childminder, while in tandem I am continuing to work and progress my career.” Freddie Wright, Studio Manager
“I am loving being back at work. I feel engaged, I have more of a purpose in my day and I have reconnected to the adult working world. By embracing a more agile way of working, I really feel We Launch have thought about my wellbeing by allowing me to work flexibly, which in turn has given me a feeling of empowerment as I have the ability to manage my daily schedule and personal commitments around my job, which is paramount for a good quality work/life balance.” Tamsin Harrison, Senior Project Manager

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