Creating brands with inspiring people

2015 marks the fifth birthday of We Launch. Recently, a client asked us about the most fulfilling thing to have happened in that five years.

Our answer is always the same – and it always comes back to the very reason We Launch started in the first place. In 2010 our goal was to create a branding agency that worked with people, businesses and organisations that inspire us. That are doing something different. That want to work with us to realise their visions in the most distinctive, original and unique ways.

In that time, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with a huge range of companies across a whole number of industry sectors – sport; property; travel; food & drink; retail; not-for-profit; energy; technology; fashion; financial services; manufacturing to name but a few.

And those clients have taken us as far afield as New York, Rio, Melbourne, and Sierra Leone. But the most thrilling and fulfilling part of creating new brands (or reinventing existing ones) is how each project allows us to discover, source, commission and work with some of the most brilliant image makers to deliver something truly unique for each client.

Photographers like Rankin, Richard Moran, Philip Haynes, Nick Daly, Alun Callendar, David Hares, Simon Jarratt, Mike Tinney, Peter Buncombe and Ian Aitken. Amazing illustrators and artists like Animaux Circus, Joe Snow, John Geary, Lucy Vigrass, Sara Mulvanny, Michael Kidd, Joe Richards and Zack Mclaughlin. And some fantastic lettering artists and typographers – most notably Rob Clarke and Archie Proudfoot.

There is some unbelievable talent out there. And because they are all so individually skilled and professional, it is an absolute joy to work with these guys – to introduce their work to clients; to brief them; to art direct a shoot or film with them; to chat through all the possible angles and compositions with them; to see how us as brand creators – who have worked so closely with a client to understand and realise their vision – can advise, push, suggest, or give pointers to them to help bring the best out of every single frame, image or word.

It’s like Christmas morning when we get to view those final pieces – carefully edited, retouched, crafted, tweaked, finessed and output to an unbelievable degree. They are pieces that nobody else in the world has seen or used before. Unveiling them to the client for the first time, watching their eyes as the benchmark imagery of their new brand communications opens up to them, is an incredible moment.

Everyone mentioned here has played a hugely significant part in our journey so far. And our clients’ journeys too. Creating a brand these days is infinitely more than just knocking up a logo and sticking it in the corner of a stock library image, alongside a headline typeset in a default font. Customers are savvy. They’re getting sold to everywhere they turn. They see the same things time and time again – at home, whilst commuting, at work, on holiday. That’s why creating something completely fresh and different – that brings your brand to life in the most unique yet relevant ways – is vital. It will not only surprise, delight and resonate more with your customers, but it will be something that none of your competitors will be able to replicate….at least – not without being accused of copying.

As a team, we are constantly meeting artists, chatting to agents, visiting exhibitions, attending workshops (usually with our friends at The Indytute), scouring the web, checking our various timelines, getting inspired by creative blogs, and getting new work sent through to us. We log and store everything – both in our minds, on our walls, and on our servers – so that its fresh in our thinking when we’re starting work on a new project. It’s what we do – but we’d do it even if it wasn’t. We do it because we love getting inspired.

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