Creating a dynamic centre of excellence for a global organisation that encourages its teams to collaborate and share innovations.

UBM is one of the largest global event organisers, spanning industries from food technology to super yachts. They operate from 70 offices across 20 different countries, helping them to draw on a wealth of experience for each business sector. UBM’s internal communications team is known as GEM and is an integral part to the development of the company. GEM is the centre for excellence where they create exceptional value for customers and help UBM’s brands succeed within the events industry. They encourage collaboration with the UBM events community to identify, co-create and share best practices and innovation.

We were tasked with creating an impactful visual language for the brand that could help encapsulate GEM’s powerful status within UBM.

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It was clear that as GEM had become a vital asset within UBM, there was a need to have a more coherent and consistent brand. To realise the forward looking vision of the business, our solution was to create a vibrant graphic visual and verbal style that would provide UBM with a flexible, robust platform to develop further initiatives, projects and communications.

We created a ‘window’ style logo that provided immediate standout and easy application for the internal team, along with distinctive patterns for building a dynamically engaging visual language. This would ensure that the GEM internal brand would have clear standout within UBM, whilst providing a clear connection to the main UBM brand.

To illustrate that GEM acts as a platform where these different influences come together, we produced a series of unique patterns to highlight the diverse cultures and global nature of UBM and the events industry – one to reflect each of the various offices across the 20 countries in which they operate.

Knowing that GEM is the facilitator that allows everyone to share their knowledge and experiences with others across the globe, the creative focuses on using the rich imagery style of UBM whilst positioning GEM as a window through which everything can be seen, shared and put into practice.

We then rolled out the creative across the full spectrum of collateral – including templates for posters, digital hub, presentations, screens, displays, email marketing, banners, experiential, events, signage and wayfinding.

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