Phoenix Is Rising

Providing a powerful voice for US military veterans living with post-traumatic stress.

It is a damning statistic that for every soldier lost in combat, three more will go on to kill themselves. Too many veterans return home often from high stakes, high stress combat situations only to find themselves ignored, misunderstood, alienated and abandoned by their fellow Americans. Formed in 2016, Phoenix is Rising focuses on innovative retreat-based healing and after-care to help post-combat military personnel as they contend with trauma and the reintegration into family and society.

We wanted to help Phoenix is Rising change this by creating a powerful, targeted brand communications platform that would allow the organisation to grow into an internationally respected name, reaching over 1 million veterans within five years.

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In creating a logo that could be globally protected, we commissioned illustrator Vanessa Wright to craft our initial scamps into a beautiful new phoenix icon - held within a strong, circular shape reminiscent of military medals and historical symbolism. At the same time, we defined the overarching proposition of 'Shared Purpose, One Voice' that provided context and set a clear tone of voice for the copy that flowed across the advertising and digital collateral.

We worked with Florida based photographer Josh Letchworth to create a suite of emotive and authentic portraits of veterans embarking on a week long Phoenix is Rising retreat. Capturing the individuals at the start and the end of the week allowed us to visually demonstrate the change that takes place in such a short space of time. Dark moods were replaced by positive outlooks and warm smiles. It was incredible to see.

To create the internationally recognised and universally respected brand that the founders wanted to achieve, we had to start from scratch. Hours were spent researching their existing documentation, audiences and competitors to fully understand all that was special about the organisation - and to pinpoint those opportunities that would allow us to shape a truly unique brand communications platform.

The new brand and targeted collateral will help Phoenix is Rising to fund vital research into PTSD and build a sustained education and awareness campaign throughout any community where veterans reside - effectively creating a national conscience for care with global reach.

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