Resurrecting a 25 year old brand to safeguard the global pharmaceutical industry.

Mikromol reference standards help scientists detect, identify, quantify and qualify impurities in a drug substance. Their product range covers more than 5,000 reference standards developed over 25 years to serve the pharmaceutical industry. Our task was to create a highly distinctive own label brand that could stand apart from global competition.

Competitor changes within the pharmaceutical analysis sector provided LGC with a unique opportunity to grow market share by launching their own label products. We defined the strategic positioning of the new Mikromol brand, embracing its heritage and USPs whilst creating a dynamic, market-leading presence.

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Following an intensive phase of research and strategic planning, we resurrected a dormant brand in the LGC portfolio - Mikromol. Using the strength of its heritage, we built a whole new pharma offering around the key pillars of knowledge, competency, quality, integrity and local support.

Using Mikromol products, we then devised a new visual identity for the brand by harnessing the power of chemistry. We achieved this by recreating the chemical reactions that the Mikromol scientists (and their customers) produce in their analysis - shot over the course of a day in London by still life photographer Piotr Gregorczyk.

We worked with leading people photographer Kerry Harrison to capture portrait and reportage imagery at the Mikromol laboratories in Cambridgeshire, England.

With a multi-channel brand launch in May 2018, the brand was subsequently rolled out across packaging, digital, event collateral, guidelines, print literature, advertising and brand film.

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