Marella Cruises

Repositioning the UKs best loved cruise brand.

As the Thomson Cruises brand ceased to exist by falling under the TUI banner, we were tasked with creating a compelling new name, emotive story, and visual identity so that loyal and new audiences would positively understand and embrace the reason for change.

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We had to ensure that the brand proposition married up to the overarching TUI group brand purpose and vision, whilst allowing for the new Marella Cruises name to flex within its own market.

We devised an aspirational, forward-looking proposition focused on the special qualities of the ‘Shining Sea’ – with the new name at its heart of everything. The new brand is highly emotive, personal and descriptive, building excitement around the notion that Marella is “taking cruising somewhere new.”

A vital part of the visual identity was to create a new suite of brand imagery that could be used across all touchpoints - from press advertising to online. After finalising the body of shots and planning all aspects of the shoot production, we spent a very busy few days in the Mediterranean with leading lifestyle photographer Igor Emmerich to capture every part of cruise life.

As part of the brand launch, we also created new communications templates for marketing materials and on-ship collateral, as well as producing a suite of 35 icons that helped customers quickly navigate through their range of services.

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