Effectiveness Week

Creating an event that will shape the future of the marketing services industry.

In recognition of the pioneering times that the marketing services industry finds itself in, the IPA Effectiveness Week 2016 brings together business leaders, senior marketers, government and opinion formers, academia and future generations to shine a light on how collectively the industry can move the dial on brand performance and understand what marketing is most effective with consumers today. Our task was to bring the event to life, across every channel, in the most compelling and relevant ways.

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Bringing the best right and left brains in the marketing services industry together, our solution was highly creative but with a serious purpose. It reflected how science and art are working together in harmony to change behaviour, transform businesses and deliver positive results.

The event's identity needed to have the gravitas and contemporary qualities that would resonate with an exceedingly savvy audience. Primarily focusing on evidence-based decision-making, it needed to drive home how EFF Week provides the insight that would add value to business and consumers and how this would allow brands to plan ahead for how they spend their budgets, how results are measured, how success is demonstrated, and how brand credibility is built in the board room and in wider society.

We created a logo that was incredibly flexible and modular – with a palette of font styles used to depict the EFF letters, each changing around depending on the nature of the communications. The graphic shape was also designed to contain one, or a number of, partner or sponsor logos.

Developing the identity into a recognisable and ownable visual language, we devised a series of expanded forms that would allow all manner of content and imagery to be held within a consistent system. This was reinforced with a warm and inclusive colour palette of purples, reds and oranges.

Having previously created the original Effectiveness Pillar branding for the IPA, it was important to make sure that all of the new collateral for the EFF Week 2016 worked in perfect harmony with this.

We then set about designing and building the event website that would provide a permanent, but virtual ‘centre of learning’: a resource for thought leadership content.

The site also had to clearly communicate the full nature and structure of the event – a week long event containing a 2 day flagship conference that would become a recognised fixture in the annual marketing calendar, to which many different associations would contribute.

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