Redefining a life-changing charity that sees the potential in everything, and everyone.

Formed in 1963, the London Centre for Children With Cerebral Palsy work with children and young people aged 0-14 with movement disorders due to conditions such as cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury. With a well-established heritage as a charity, the organisation was failing to communicate the breadth of its offer in clear and relevant ways to each of its core audiences.

Having worked with a number of non-profits previously, we were commissioned to overhaul the brand by defining a clear proposition, naming structure, brand architecture and audience segmentation that would help us to create a powerful new brand able to communicate what the charity stands for, what it does and why it is so special to everyone that comes into contact with it.

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To interrogate all aspects of the organisation – past, present and future, we began by undertaking a comprehensive brand workshop with all key stakeholders. This allowed us to understand current obstacles, analyse audience and competitors, and highlight opportunities aligned with its vision for the future. The overriding outtake was one of positivity. ‘Yes’ says it’s possible - and it’s this word that defined our starting point.

Our brand proposition shaped a clear path for change, and allowed us to create a new name and brand identity that gave a subtle link to the CP of cerebral palsy, whilst going further – focusing on how the charity ‘sees potential in everybody’.

To compliment the new identity, we devised a vibrant colour palette of orange and turquoise – colours that resonated well in research, whilst also being noticeably different to their main competitors. We chose typefaces that were friendly and accessible across all channels and spent a day photographing all aspects of the charity to create a bespoke suite of imagery that encapsulated everything that was special about the organisation.

From the design / build of a new website and guidelines through to the creation of a new name and identity for its Woodstar School, the brand was rolled out across all key channels for a major launch in May 2017. The new CPotential brand now truly reflects the organisation's ambition to enable many more disabled children and adults through a much wider range of services.

In the words of one of the people that CPotential has helped in recent times:

“I can’t really put into words how proud and humbled I feel to be part of the organisation that helped build the foundations for the independent life I live today. I love the new logo, the new name and most definitely the website. Great job.”

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