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Since leaving We Launch just over two weeks ago, I’ve spent time exploring India’s spicy, eclectic and vibrant region of Rajasthan before flying down to Kerala to soak up the sun and top up on those chapatis.

This short time away has allowed me to reflect on my six year journey with We Launch; from Stuart’s front room to Fitzroy Square – an adventure that saw me learn how to appreciate good, meaningful design – design that makes people see the value of our industry.

When I first started I was naive, inexperienced and looking back at those first months now, I’m not sure if I provided Stuart with much creative support. However, he was able to teach, demonstrate and explain everything with a real commercial approach. This is something you miss whilst at college, and I immediately saw improvements in my work.

The one technique which took me a while to understand and still is something I can certainly improve on is conceptualising. Whether it’s an icon, UI element, identities or simple pagination, the pencil and paper is still the most efficient tool for a creative to generate ideas quickly. No matter the project Stu always enforced that mentality to leave the Mac alone and see what I could create with just a sketch.

Looking back at all the projects I’ve been involved with there are a couple that stand out as highlights. LUTA was an exciting fast paced client who always threw something intriguing into the mix, the JEGI | Clarity web build taught me about creating parallel sites for a UK and US based partnership, Hyde & Sleep was my first successful brand naming and Debenhams Beauty Club really got me in touch with my feminine side.

In between those projects were hundreds of conversations and new business opportunities that never saw the light of day. One such venture, that I’ll never forget, was spending 27 hours in Sierra Leone scoping out plots of land for a new group of hotels. It was an incredible experience, a raw piece of Africa that is so hungry to develop yet still set in its ways. From the locals kids laughing at my hairy legs, to meeting the official crocodile wrestler on site, it is memories like these that you crave from your workplace, and I certainly got those. I will miss the conversations Stu and I had on the sofa in the meeting room either about a potential new client or idea he had.

To anyone who has and will propel through the We Launch doors they’ll be lucky enough to experience the great exposure to all types of industries and clients. From the Dragons Den success stories to the Olympic Rowers, ex-Marines and award-winning entrepreneurs I have met, since I started at We Launch I have worked with an amazing group of people that has inspired me in my own quest to work for myself.

Over the past year or two I’ve noticed how important it is for agencies to share knowledge – not just from the news, but from books, talks, articles, insights and exhibitions too.

With an overload of technology at our fingertips we have the power to constantly learn and improve our way of thinking and approaches to work. In the last 6 months I have had the benefit of meeting and working with Paul (the We Launch Strategic Director) who has broadened my mind on the topic of brand. I leave the agency knowing that We Launch is not just a branding agency, its an agency with a 360 skillset to can help brands and businesses launch, refresh or remind their audiences of what they can offer.

I wish the team at the LaunchPad all the best in the future. I hope you win awards, climb the ladder even higher and open an office in New York. To infinity and beyond, Olly.

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